Once upon a time, demolition was something that only happened to buildings. But these days, demolition is big business, and it's not just for buildings anymore. In fact, demolition is now being used to clear land for everything from housing developments to solar farms.

And it's not just land that's being cleared. Demolition is also being used to remove old, derelict, or dangerous structures from our towns and cities. From abandoned factories to unsafe bridges, demolition crews are working hard to clean up our built environment.

But demolition isn't just about tearing things down. It's also about recycling and reuse. In fact, many demolition projects are now being undertaken with an eye towards salvaging materials that can be used again. From bricks and mortar to metal and glass, there's a growing market for recycled building materials.

So whether you're a developer looking to clear land for a new project, or a city official responsible for maintaining the safety of our built environment, demolition is an important tool. And with the help of experienced professionals, it's a tool that can be used safely and effectively.